Large and Small Animal Osteopathy

Specializing in Equine and Canine Osteopathy


"My hands are my tools, and they are finely tuned instruments of healing."


With many years of being a physiotherapist, strong intuition and well developed observation skills I am welcome all animal to my Animal Osteopathy Mobile Practice, no animal is too big or too small to be diagnosed. My areas of specialization are horses and dogs, but i sometimes provide treatment to cats, birds, cattle and guinea pigs.

All animal consultations begin with a general interview after which I perform a diagnostic, motion analysis and scan by hands. Then a treatment plan is developed in conjunction with the owner. High performance animals that compete in shows or events require a more detailed treatment plan along with consistent feedback and review of their treatment plan; followed up by osteopathic, manual and energetic techniques. Homeopathic remedies and Back remedy flowers are also recommended to help, support and speed up the recovery process.

I have been practicing as an Osteopath for Animals since 2004, and a Physiotherapist since 1999. My love for animals and 20 plus years of riding horses has allowed me to combine my passions of horses and healing. Being involved with riding for Disabled for several years has allowed me to appreciate the synergy between human and animal and focus on body movement and patterning between the two forms.

I often get called out for all sorts of lameness, support for preaparation for competition in dressage, show-jumping, cross-country as well as racing and endurance; gaiting problems, trouble with the saddle, issues with the hooves and the entire posture, after operation, all sorts of injuries, lymphatic oedema and its skin problems, animals with fear, severe asymmetry, after accidents and falls, tendon trouble, repetitive tripping over, recurring colic's, head shaking, problems in behavior and riding, eczema, disturbed metabolism, cushing, to name just a few.

As an Osteopath for Animals I am trained in:





Applied Kinesiology

Energetic Concepts / TCM



Tissue Salts / Schüssler Salts

Bach Remedy Flowers

Scar Treatment (Fault Clearance)

Light Treatment and Colour Puncture

RePuls® Deep Tissue Projector

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Feed Tests

Saddle and Tack Check

Training Advice